Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Oral Argument On FL Remote Proceedings Rules

Today, the Supreme Court of Florida heard from various commenters, interest groups and bar sections on the changes proposed to multiple procedural rules to include attendance by remote technology, including mediation. The Workgroup on the Continuity of Court Operations and Proceedings During and After COVID-19 filed a comprehensive petition to amend the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, the Florida Rules of General Practice and Judicial Administration, the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Florida Probate Rules, the Florida Rules of Traffic Court, the Florida Small Claims Rules, and the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure. The proposed amendments would provide permanent, broader authorization for the remote conduct of court proceedings. The justices seemed largely receptive to the package and had few questions for those appearing at oral argument, indicating the new rules package will most likely be accepted as proposed. See more in docket here-- https://bit.ly/3st7kYa and oral argument here-- https://wfsu.org/gavel2gavel/