Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fairly Illegal

So I finally watched some of season two of television's hot mediator show, Fairly Legal, on USA. Last year, the show debuted with a coffee shop hold-up mediation on the fly which was cute and effective, much like its snarky mediator, Kate Reed. I actually posted a few of California's ethical rules on the Facebook fan page last year (hoping writers or producers would notice) when things went a little far afield, which is most of the time. From the get-go this year, Kate inserts herself into a case tampering with a juror, threatening a witness and playing advocate, investigator and counselor at law. Oh well, just another day at the fictional law office. Though the acting is decent and the truth seeking protagonist fun and unpredictable, the mediation has become a backdrop to a dram-com. Now that Kate's boat is blown up, she's living in the law firm that fired her and her rocky marriage to the would-be DA appears finally over. The disputes she resolves remain eclectic as ever. Her partners continue to push the boundaries, like pushing conflicts of interest to the curb for the almighty dollar. So why do lawyers' reputations continue to suffer in the eyes of the public?? At least there is some light shed on the benefit of moving on with life by settling in favor of protracted litigation.