Monday, January 28, 2013

Siegel to Arbitrate over portrayal in 'Queen' documentary

The U.S. District Court in Orlando stayed David Siegel's defamation claim against filmmakers who created "The Queen of Versailles" movie, sending him to arbitration in California. The film documents the Siegel's quest to build the largest home in America while depicting troubles faced by his Westgate time-share business during the recession. Siegel argues the movie makes it appear the business has failed which he says hurt its reputation. Westgate's attorneys claimed proper permissions were not obtained. Apparently, the signature on the releases signed by the mogul's son as his agent binds Westgate to arbitration. The judge, ruling on the basis of a prior evidentiary hearing, rejected each Siegel's testimony as inconsistent, incredible and lacking weight. If it heads to arbitration, the case will likely be presented at the Independent Film and Television Alliance. See articles and and the ruling here--