Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mediator Appointed in ACC Case

The possibility of a settlement in the lawsuit between the University of Maryland and the Atlantic Coast Conference will be discussed before a mediator appointed by the Chief Special Superior Court Judge for complex business cases in North Carolina. According to that court’s rules, the mediation is designed to focus the parties’ attention on settlement rather than on trial preparation and to provide a structured opportunity for settlement negotiations to take place. Though reportedly, no meeting date has been finalized yet, an order mandates it must happen before July 10, just days after Maryland officially migrates from the ACC to the Big Ten. The move, announced in the fall of 2012, prompted the ACC to file suit against its charter member school, seeking enforcement of a withdrawal payment worth over $50 million. This year, Maryland counterclaimed, alleging antitrust violations by the ACC in excess of $150 million, stating the ACC violated its own bylaws when attempting to double the exit fee. Louisville is to replace the Terrapins in the ACC. See news stories here-- and