Friday, April 3, 2015

Mork Mediation: Robin Williams Estate

The widow of Robin Williams and his adult children will try and settle their dispute over the late actor’s estate this month in a court-ordered mediation. Susan Schneider Williams petitioned the court, saying his three children are claiming memorabilia that was left to her. She also claimed some of her husband’s belongings were taken from their marital home without permission. Reportedly, a bitter fight over property of the late comedian may ultimately be decided by his trustees. It has been asserted in court documents that his trust is clear and unambiguous about authority to determine the disposition of the tangible personal property. Attorneys said the entire battle for the legendary comedian’s estate should have been kept private because Robin Williams was an intensely private person who had carefully constructed his estate plan to keep it out of public view. One of the issues is establishing a date to transfer possession of items to the late actor’s wife and children after trustees received input regarding the dispersal of his property. An inventory of the personal property identified almost a thousand items. Williams’s will entitles his children to clothing, jewelry, personal photos taken prior to his latest marriage to Schneider, as well as awards, memorabilia and tangible personal property from his home. In the months after their father’s death, the children claim their stepmother spent her time appraising his memorabilia, jewelry and other personal effects for her benefit. One of the items referenced are the iconic suspenders worn on the “Mork & Mindy” show. Perhaps mediation will solve the ugly dispute between kin without a "Nanu Nanu" to the judge. See stories here-- and