Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to Orlando Mediator

This blog was created by Orlando Mediator Lawrence H. Kolin, Esquire to explore issues and trends in dispute resolution.

My alternative dispute resolution practice has continually evolved since becoming certified in 2001 in Circuit-Civil and County mediation by the Florida Supreme Court. I have handled complex cases in state and federal trial courts, as well as the Fifth District Court of Appeal, where I was a member of the pilot program for appellate mediation.

Since litigation costs have gone up and the economy is still sour, early settlements are on the rise. Pre-suit mediation is popular and can be effective if the parties have enough information to evaluate their positions in the potential litigation.

Another recent development has been the advent of electronic discovery and the struggle by courts and lawyers to get a handle on the necessity and expense of producing and exchanging data in proportion to the amount in controversy. Early mediation of these e-discovery issues can actually help narrow the scope and return the focus of the parties to the merits of the case.