Tuesday, April 19, 2011

While one pair attempts to settle, the other wants deal undone

As discussed, NFL players and owners today resume talks (pending a ruling from Judge Nelson on the lockout) after being together for longer than nine hours last Thursday in the Minneapolis courtroom chambers of federal Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan. The mediation recessed Friday after more than four hours. The hiatus in talks followed reports that last week's talks were "tough" and included a large amount of "fence-mending" and even "homework" for the participants...


On the other hand, the Olympic rowers and would-be Facebook creators, the "Winklevi" are seeking a rehearing en banc to undo their $65 million (now worth $200M) settlement with Facebook, after being told no by a three judge appellate panel in San Francisco...


In either case, there must be some finality to the litigation so the parties can move on! Hopefully, for football fans, continued mediation is successful and for fans of the self-determination process, the prior Facebook settlement agreement is upheld in the absence coercion or fraud.