Monday, November 28, 2011

More sports mediation: Dodgers/FOX

Today begins a mediation between MLB's Los Angeles Dodgers and Fox Sports who have agreed to meet at the direction of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross. As with many other recent entries on my blog, the mediation is judge-directed and early in the proceedings. Apparently, Joe Farnan, the mediator who previously negotiated a truce between the League and McCourt to sell the Dodgers, will conduct the mediation. It seems a November 30th hearing will proceed as scheduled under the current court order if a deal is not reached. The bankruptcy judge expressed interest in resolving the Dodgers case as soon as possible, so the team can prepare for the season. The Dodgers asked for permission to market their television rights as part of the team sale-- a move opposed by Fox as a contractual violation. Fox has asked the judge to dismiss the Dodgers from bankruptcy. In a pending collateral action, the Dodgers have sued Fox and Fox has sued the Dodgers. Judge Gross ordered both suits put on hold "pending the conclusion of the mediation." See posting by Bill Shaikin here: