Thursday, June 6, 2013

New FL Ninth Judicial Circuit Biz Court Procedures

Now approaching a decade in existence, Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit Complex Business Litigation Division or "Business Court" in Orlando specializes in handling complex business cases, such as antitrust, commercial foreclosure, intellectual property, franchise and unfair competition lawsuits. The goal is to handle business litigation matters in a more effective and efficient manner, much like the federal courts. The Business Court Procedures, known locally as the BCP, have just been revised retroactive to April 1, 2013 (in conjunction with civil division e-filing New and notable is the requirement of attorneys who provide more than 50 pages of materials to the court for hearing preparation (typically done by the delivery of indexed binders) to provide this material now only on a USB drive. Also significant is the change to BCP 5.11(a) which requires that contested discovery motions be fully briefed unless the motion will be heard by the magistrate, or unless excused by the trial judge. The use of mediators and magistrates may be discussed the case management process, as well as in resolving ESI disputes arising out of electronic discovery. See Biz Court links here-- and revised BCP