Monday, July 20, 2015

Masters Conference for Legal Professionals

Please join me tomorrow as I speak about streamlining electronic discovery at the Masters Conference for Legal Professionals on Tuesday, July 21, in New York City. Having chaired the recent effort to amend Florida Civil Procedure Rules to include e-discovery and previously taught for the state’s Advanced Judicial College, I'll join other industry experts in taking attendees through the life cycle of a complex case. We'll be focusing on fixing problem areas for a more cost-effective approach in a panel discussion titled “How to Streamline E-Discovery,” which runs from 11 am to noon. All eight of the conference’s sessions will take place at New York’s famed Harvard Club. The conference will concentrate on e-discovery, data protection, records management and related topics. My emphasis will be on avoiding discovery disputes in the courts through the use of E-Neutrals, Mediated Case Management and Special Masters by culling the universe of information available to parties, in order to let them focus back on the merits of the claims and defenses. E-Neutrals or mediators specializing in complex cases involving electronic evidence can shape discovery plans, allocate costs and suggest and create efficiencies. The mediation process may focus a confidential conference solely on managing ESI, or the neutral may broaden the discussion, perhaps dissuading parties and counsel from merely using e-discovery as a sword or shield. Mediation is an avenue that can present parties with significant cost-savings in ESI cases, if performed early enough in the litigation. For more information about our panel at the Masters Conference, please visit-- and for the full agenda tomorrow, see--