Saturday, June 18, 2016

Special Master Services Streamline Discovery

Having chaired the effort to amend the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure to include Electronically Stored Information (ESI), I often remind courts, counsel and litigants that neutrals are now an available avenue to resolve electronic discovery disputes. We are prepared to serve as Special Masters (Special Magistrates under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure) to assist in e-discovery issues in state and federal matters, including: hosting federal Rule 26 “Meet and Confer” sessions; facilitating cost effective, mutually cooperative, and relevant e-discovery programs; procuring Mediated Case Management or Pretrial Stipulations under Florida Rules 1.200 or 1.201; monitoring discovery compliance and outcomes, and adjudicating legal or technical disputes if necessary. In given cases, by agreement, we neutrals can also serve as “e-discovery mediators” or E-Neutrals to conduct negotiated settlement discussions to resolve issues relating to identification, preservation, collection, review, and production of ESI. Early, proactive involvement of an e-discovery special master or mediator educated in the realm of electronic discovery may yield immediate benefits in both the efficiency and economy of litigation, keeping the discovery process on track to producing the best information available for trial or settlement. Our firm just finished a team in camera review of multiple thousands of documents hosted on kCura's Relativity 9 platform for the Complex Business Litigation Division of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Florida, where I once served as a General Magistrate under Chief Judge Belvin Perry. These efforts are cost effective and can save time, as well as aggravation of the judicial officer who will later rule on dispositive motions and preside over the case. See more here--